ESPA 2014-2020
Top quality products since 1969.

Various tools, such as sprayers, potato extractors, tiller stabilizing wheels, chain-saw, leaf and olive fruit separator and more.  

Spinning Wheel

Α spinning wheel manufactured by us with a hose of 100-150-200 m and turbo high-quality sprayers depending on your preference.



The Sprayer SIK KIRIAKAKIS has a high-quality three-piston high-pressure pump with two hose outputs with pressure regulation, non-return valve and glycerine manometer.


Leaf & olive fruit separator

Our Leaf & olive fruit separator features a 12V air repeller. Lightweight for easy transport yet sturdy for heavy-duty use


Tiller Stabilizing Wheels

These metal wheels with gripping “teeth» replace the tiller wheels to stabilize the tiller when extracting potatoes and prevent it from skidding.


Tiller Weed Cutter attachment

This pair of weedcutters replaces the wheels of the tiller. It cuts and destroys weeds completely, when they are still green and to a height of 40cm.


Self-propelled, two-wheel tractor with wagon

Our heavy duty, single-axle, two wheel tractor hauls a two wheel wagon that features a comfortable seat, toolbox and can carry up to 1000 kg. We have fitted a car differential, shock absorbers and a foot brake.


Potato Extractor

The potato extractor attaches to the tiller, replacing the “leg” to easily and without any damage to the product, extract the potatoes from the ground.


Ridging Plough Attachment

Our heavy-duty ridging plough attaches to our tillers, replacing the “leg” to evenly and easily create ridges as you steer the tiller across the field.


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