Delivering top quality products since 1969.

Over 45 years of experience and specialisation.

SIK KIRIAKAKIS manufactures a complete range of agricultural products defined by great quality, significant durability and high efficiency.

Our products vary from tilers to air compressors and rake harvesters to generators. Particularly, our product range includes tilers, rake harvesters, moters, handles, air compressors and generators. Additionally, we manufacture various tools such as ridging plough attachments, potato extractors, tiller stabilising wheels, leaf and olive fruit separators, chain saws and self propelled two wheel tractors with wagon.

All of our products are made with love and care, paying attention to the smallest detail.

Featured products

See below our full range of products, manufactured in detail and under strict regulations to deliver maximum performance and undeniable efficiency.

Rake Harvesters
Wood Chippers
Handles and moters
Air compressors
Various tools
Spare parts
  • SIK KIRIAKAKIS Rake Harvester Power Generator
  • SIK KIRIAKAKIS Power Generator
  • Spare Parts
  • SIK KIRIAKAKIS Air Compressor - 100 Litres
  • SIK KIRIAKAKIS Air Compressor - 50 Litres
  • SIK KIRIAKAKIS Air Compressor - 15 litres
  • Harvester Rod Extension
  • MSR8
  • MSR16
  • MSR20
  • Motor - Rake Handle for "T" shaped type head
  • Motor handle for the SIK KIRIAKAKIS KPP Rake
  • Motor - Rake Handle for "T" shaped "urchin" type head
  • Leaf & olive fruit separator
  • SIK KIRIAKAKIS 12V Chain-Saw
  • Tiller Stabilizing Wheels
  • Tiller Weed Cutter attachment
  • Self-propelled, two-wheel tractor with wagon
  • Potato Extractor
  • Ridging Plough Attachment
  • MINOS 2A (2T) 2 gears forward (Diesel)
  • MS (2Τ) 2 gears forward
  • Tiller MSA (1Τ) 1 gear forward, 2-stroke motor, automatic
  • Diesel engine tiller
  • Tiller MSA (MINI) 1 gear forward, 4-stroke motor
  • Tiller MSA ΜΙΝΙ, 2-stroke motor, 1 gear forward
  • Tiller MINOS 2A (2T) 2 gears forward
  • Tiller MSA (1Τ) 1 gear forward, 4-stroke motor, automatic
  • Tiller MINOS 2A (1Τ) 1 gear forward
  • Tiller MINOS 2Α BELT (1Τ) 1 gear forward
  • SIK KIRIAKAKIS Tractor Powered Wood Chipper (2018)
  • Minos 3 "Bench" mobile harvesting unit
  • MSR32
  • 12V battery Powered Rake motor - handle
  • Transformers for 1 or 2 Harvesting rakes
  • SIK KIRIAKAKIS Mini Self-Propelled Wood Chipper
  • SIK KIRIAKAKIS Mini Wood Chipper
  • SIK KIRIAKAKIS Self-Propelled Wood Chipper
  • SIK 32 carbon harvester
  • SIK 32 aluminum harvester

Need machinery for your next project?

Contact us for any type of agricultural machinery that you may need. Having a problem finding the right products for your project? We are here to help you pick the right ones. Just give us a shout.


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