ESPA 2014-2020
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Technical Specifications

1) Head SIK 32 4X4 with 32 high quality interchangeable sticks with a new system of independent movement of the hemispheres of the sticks for relaxed work without causing damage to the tree branches and the fruit since with the independent movement of the hemispheres we achieve easier penetration into the leaves.

2) Pulsed movement

3) Motor 12VDC -300WATT Consumption 7 A

4) Cable 14m

5) Carbon Fibre Pipe

6) Length 2.30 m & 2.80m

7) Extension from Carbon Fibre 1m long

8) Weight 2.50kg

9) Production of 500-1500kg of fruit depending on the fruiting of the tree


The SIK 32 CARBON 4X4 Pulse drive with 32 interchangeable sticks of high quality and performance brings the new head with a system of independent movement of its hemispheres for relaxed work without injuring the branches and the fruit of the olive.

The rod of the rod is made of high-quality carbon fibre and in combination with the light and very powerful motor it wears is the strongest rod on the market for relaxing work with the highest efficiency.

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