ESPA 2014-2020
Top quality products since 1969.
  1. Bench Stick with Screw                   
  2. Clip-on Bench Stick  
  3. T-square Set Rod Stick                   
  4. Plastic Belt 8mm  100m      
  5. Plastic Belt 10mm  50m      
  6. Plastic Belt 12mm  50m      
  7. Flexible Stick SIK 32                    
  8. Hard Stick SIK 32                     
  9. Carbon fibre Stick MSR                          
  10. Vibration MSR 16 Stick                  
  11. Double Stick MSR ΚΠΠ                    
  12. Triple Stick MSR ΚΠΠ                  
  13. Rod carrier with vibration move MSR 16        
  14. Stick Sphere SIK 32 Flexible       
  15. Stick Sphere SIK 32 Hard        
  16. Stick Sphere MSR 24                         
  17. Stick Sphere MSR 20                       
  18. Stick Sphere MSR 32         


Our company can provide you with a large range of spare parts for the product(s) you have purchased. All our replacement parts are genuine and are ready to be shipped to you.

In case you need assistance for the process of replacing a part, please contact us to guide you through.

We are always available to replace any parts necessary for you. Just contact us to arrange a repair.

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