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Technical Specifications


Motion type:

Combination of gyratory and vibration


Typical length 240 cm including the rake handle
A customized rod can be made to accommodate lengths from 180 cm up to 340 cm, including the handle/motor.


Up to 100 cm


3 Kg in 240 cm of length


14 meters


9-10 Α (average)

Head rotations:

1750 RPM/12V


DC 12V 200 Watt


MSR20 “Urchin” with vertical micro-rods is our latest product for a very productive and easy oil fruit harvesting. It features 20 elastic rods that allow for easy and deep access to all types of foliage without getting caught in the branches. It doesn’t damage the olive fruit, discards a very small amount of leaves and is extremely productive due to special quality of materials used.

The elastic rods are reinforced with three sinews each to allow for heavy-duty, everlasting performance. The featured small spheres at the edge of the vertical micro-rods will prevent the branch to slide out and escape adding to the harvester’s overall output.

We have used the best of materials to create this harvesting rod, featuring our special metal gear with a spiral “tooth”. This certainly rates this unit one of the most low-maintenance harvesting rods in its category.

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Lightweight, ease-of-use ergonomic design, anatomical for heavy-duty use and long hours of work.


Cable length | 14m

Consumption | 9-10A (average)

Motor | DC 12V 200W

Weight | 1,3kg



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