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Technical Specifications


12V / 300 Watt very powerful. This is the first carbon motor with speed regulator and electronic voltmeter for safe and smooth labour.





SIK 32 with 32 high quality interchangeable sticks for high performance suitable for all types of olives without injuring the produce and the branch.


2.40m., 2.80m., 3.30m including  the controller

It is possible to extend 1m carbon fiber

Carbon fiber tube


2,5 Kg


This is the first electric harvesting rod in the Greek market with a 12VDC coal motor, which has a speed controller and an electronic voltmeter. It has a carbon fiber tube that makes it extremely light and smooth operated.

The SIK POWER PRO CARBON is an electric harvesting rod which can work safely and efficiently, based on the type of olive produce at 12V-20V. Thus, with the electronic voltmeter and the speed controller in the motor, we can safely and confidently adjust the voltage, depending on the operation of the generator at 24V, 26V, 28V or 30V, keeping pace with the speed at which other harvesting rods work.

Thus, we have the very important innovation of SIK POWER DC PRO being the first electric rod on the market that can work in a generator with autonomous dynamo together with other electric rods that work at high voltage (24V-30V).

Also, the SIK POWER DC PRO electric rod can work simultaneously with the 12VDC Brushless SIK POWER SHARK electric chain-saw in a dynamo generator, for those who want to harvest and prune the olive tree at the same time with a machine. Still, it can work on the 20V rechargeable lithium battery for fuel economy and zero noise and pollutants. The rechargeable battery is easily and comfortably transported with the ergonomic WURTH backpack, thus achieving greater labor efficiency during the day.

Therefore, the user does not need unnecessary machines, generators, carts, fuel, etc., with the risk of not working when combined, which will cause delays in labor.

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