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Technical Specifications



Multiplier group

Feeder dimensions:


Cutting blades:

3 double sided and 1 wood chopping

Maximum chopping diameter:


Maximum cutting diameter:


Machine dimensions:

0,90m x 1,00m x 1,50m




The Tractor Wood Chipper POWERCHIPPER 3 SIK KIRIAKAKIS is made with patented flywheel and features three double-sided high-quality cutting blades.

The centrifugal force created by the heavy patented flywheel with the three cutting blades and the feeder dimensions 90 X 80, in combination with the speed by the speed multiplier in a ratio 1:3 & 1:4 depending on the diameter of the wood, render POWERCHIPPER 3 the top wood chipper in its category, outranking other wood chippers in chipping speed and its ability to chip with the same efficiency soft and dried – hard branches with diameter 110 mm. It scatters the chipped wood away and evenly, thus helping the soil keep its moisture and turn the chopped wood into organic fertilizer. The optional blade can chop wood with a diameter up to 70 mm extremely fast, ready for the user to store them.

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