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Service and repair

Service & Repair


Our goal is to provide our customers with excellent technical support and repair services.

When you purchase one of our products our specialized staff is there for you the moment you need them. Our experts will do a thorough check of every component in your tool, locate any failed parts and replace them with genuine SIK KIRIAKAKIS parts. The tool then is tested to ensure the quality of the service according to our standards and then returned to you as good as new.

extra Services

Repair service

In the event of your tool or machine malfunctioning, we are there for you.

Our qualified repair staff will start working on the repair the moment the product you purchased arrives in our facilities.

We know how precious the machines you work with are for you, and we handle them as such. Our qualified experts will assess the malfunction and will start the repair immediately, ensuring the product we repair will be like new when it is returned to you.

Dealer Service

With our expanded network of partners, we can take the burden of shipping the product that needs to be services to us off you. Just deliver the product to a certified partner and we will handle the rest.

Our partners will ensure that your product is safely shipped to our facilities for repair and will return it to you as good as new. Our partners also stock a selection of spare parts in the event you need a minor part replaced like a harvester plug, stick or a switch.

Trade up service

The old might be good, but the new is even better.

Make smart use of our Trade Up Service and trade in working or broken non-SIK KIRIAKAKIS tools and get a discount towards purchasing new SIK KIRIAKAKIS tools.

But the Trade Up Service does not end there, trade in your old or broken SIK KIRIAKAKIS tools and get a discount towards the purchase of a new SIK KIRIAKAKIS product.

Repair approval

Our customers are like family to us and we treat them as such. In the event your tool is not covered by the warranty we will contact you to approve the repair cost. No hidden costs or overcharges.

Technical support

We love our products and we are pretty sure you do too since you purchased them. Got a question about the use or the maintenance of a tool? Contact us and our experts will guide you through any regular maintenance process that does not require a qualified expert to work directly on the product.

Limited repair warranty

You trust us with the repair of your SIK KIRIAKAKIS products and we hold our selves responsible for its successful repair.  For this reason, all of our repairs are carrying a 30-day warranty during which we will repair the product again for free.

The Repair Warranty is valid when:

  • The part that is malfunctioning is consistent with the original reason of repair.
  • The product was repaired by our qualified experts.
  • The product is malfunctioning within 30 days of the repair.

The product does not malfunction due to a user error.

Contract servicing

For medium to large professionals that have a big number of SIK KIRIAKAKIS products requiring on-going maintenance and repairs we offer repair contracts with special fees to ensure your production continues uninterrupted.

Maintenance service

Planning your downtime is more beneficial than an unexpected downtime due to a malfunction. Maintaining your tools extends their usable life. If you need your equipment maintained all you have to do is ship your tools to our facilities and we will do a routine maintenance and when necessary, repair them.

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