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Maintenance & Repair


SIK KIRIAKAKIS offers limited warranties to the original purchasers of the new agricultural machinery.

Under these warranties, SIK KIRIAKAKIS will repair or replace the products that suffered the malfunction depending on factors that may have affected the proper use, as it is indicated by SIK KIRIAKAKIS.

You may learn more about our products warranty just before you proceed to the final purchase. Our specialised staff will give you all the neccessary information, so that your SIK KIRIAKAKIS product is under licensed cover.


What is warrantied

Warranty statements required by law covering engine emission-related parts and components, which shall not be less than the engine warranty, are found in the Operator’s Manual delivered with the Equipment.

What is not warrantied

Used equipment, products that have been modified in ways not approved by MINOS SIK, depreciation or damage caused by normal wear, lack of reasonable and proper maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions, misuse, lack of proper protection during storage, or accident.

How to be secured

To secure warranty service, the purchaser must report the product defect to an authorized dealer and request repair within the applicable warranty term, present evidence of the warranty start date, and make the equipment available to an authorized dealer or service center within a reasonable period of time.

No dealer warranty

The only authorised firm that can offer a warranty covering the SIK KIRIAKAKIS products, is SIK KIRIAKAKIS. No resellers and third party companies of any type, can offer a limited warranty of their own. In such case, you must immediately inform SIK KIRIAKAKIS and give us the description of the situation you are dealing with.

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