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Top quality products since 1969.

Our identity

SIK KIRIAKAKIS is a private enterprise owned by Ioannis Efstratiou Kyriakakis. Established in 1992, SIK KIRIAKAKIS is a new venture that carries on the long tradition of Efstratios Kyriakakis, founder of the company in 1969 with continuous operation ever since. The company designs and manufactures under EC regulations agricultural machinery including tillers and olive harvesters: 8 different types of tillers with 2 and 4 stroke engines, electrically-powered, revolving and ground harvesting rods and power generators.

SIK KIRIAKAKIS is a dynamically developing enterprise, with increasing sales throughout Greece, making it one of the largest and most well-known agricultural machinery manufacturers in the country.

Equipped with the most up-to-date manufacturing equipment, the company produces state-of-the-art machinery, superior in quality and endurance, with a certified production process [ISO 9001:2000]. SIK KIRIAKAKIS has developed a wide network of dealers throughout Greece to provide its clients with after-sales support services.

SIK KIRIAKAKIS is located in the Heraklion Industrial Area in privately-owned installations and is manned with an experienced and highly-trained team to ensure a successful future development.

01. Our Vision

To offer advanced agricultural machinery to the producers, setting strong foundations to the development of agriculture, one of the oldest and biggest industries in Greece.

02. Our Mission

For more than 47 years, our mission is to supply both the professionals and the amateur agricultural producers with high quality machinery that make their work easier and their life happier.

03. Our Values

SIK KIRIAKAKIS, was built and developed on the foundations of family values, following the principles of discipline and attention to the detail. Faithful to these principles, we continue our effort offering high quality and reliable agricultural products.

04. Expanding Goal

We plan ahead and never quit our development. Every day we research, design and manufacture more and more sophisticated agricultural tools and machinery improving the efficiency and increasing the harvest for producers.

Our history

Since 1969, there are quite some milestones in our long history that deserve to be mentioned.



New generation

Ioannis Kiriakakis takes control of the company from his father and starts upgrading the company by making some strategic moves that few years after will lead to the successful launch of a series of innovative agricultural products.




Efstratios Kiriakakis establishes SIK KIRIAKAKIS at the Industrial Park of Heraklion in Crete, as one of the first organised companies that manufacture agricultural equipment and spare parts that can be offered throughout the country of Greece.



The first patents come to life

SIK KIRIAKAKIS starts creating its first patented agricultural products. Since then, over 20 patents have been created for industrial and artisan designs.



A brand new harvesting rod is born.

The MINOS SIK KPP alternating motion harvesting rod is created as the outcome of several years of research and brings the air of innovation to the agricultural equipment market. It is the ideal alternating harvester due to its light weight and the specially designed arrangement of the strumming sticks. This combined with the quality of materials used allows for maximum production with less possible damage to the foliage.



Further upgrade takes place

SIK KIRIAKAKIS is updated as for the manufacturing equipment. This results in more contemporary tactics, further development and higher efficiency, facts that further improve the production line performance.



MSR 24

In 2016 we presented the lightweight and easy to handle electric stick MSR 24 with 24 elastic rods with a sphere on their tips.

This was the beginning of the electric stick that became known on the Greek and also foreign market thanks to its robustness with high harvest efficiency without damaging the tree.



Patented flywheel system

SIK KIRIAKAKIS presents the wood chipper with patented flywheel system leading the market and showcasing the actual capacities of wood chippers, thus changing the standards in the wood chippers’ market.



Power SIK 6×6

SIK KIRIAKAKIS presents the self-propelled transport machine POWER SIK 6X6, with six-wheel drive and automatic adjustment of the wheels depending on the slope of the ground with mechanical or hydraulic tipping of the trolley.

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