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Top quality products since 1969.

Looking for quality agricultural equipment for your next project?


SIK KIRIAKAKIS is a privately held company with decades of expertise, delivering top notch agricultural machinery products to professionals that do business in Greece.

From the founder, Efstratios Kiriakakis to his son, Ioannis Kiriakakis, SIK KIRIAKAKIS has always been manufacturing products with care and expertise from 1969.


To offer advanced agricultural machinery to the producers, setting strong foundations to the development of agriculture, one of the oldest and biggest industries in Greece.


For more than 47 years, our mission is to supply both the professionals and the amateur agricultural producers with high quality machinery that make their work easier and their life happier.


We research, design and create innovative machines that meet the latest standards.

Learn more about SIK Kyriakakis’ new electric harvesting rods with voltage regulator, the electric pole chain-saw with brushless motor and the rechargeable lithium batteries and take advantage of their multi-functions!



Our company delivers some of the finest agricultural machinery products with commitment to our clients all over Greece, having a sincere focus on providing superior solutions that help their businesses develop.


SIK KIRIAKAKIS is always open to reliable people and companies, that may want to partner as resellers or official service points throughout the greek region.

Machines may be certified and under strict manufacturing regulations, but for us, the human factor is what makes the true difference in such a competitive and demanding sector as the agricultural.

Therefore, we are always looking around for people or companies that trully love what they do, that pay attention to detail and have a customer-centric perception throughout their business procedures.

SIK KIRIAKAKIS products are made with love and over 45 years of expertise. Become a partner with a company that respects its long history and at the same time delivers equipment that carves the future of the agricultural sector.

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