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SIK KIRIAKAKIS is always open to reliable people and companies, that may want to partner as resellers or official service points throughout the greek region. See below the reasons that a partnership with SIK KIRIAKAKIS is described as a secure and stable move in the agricultural machinery products industry.

Relationships of trust


SIK KIRIAKAKIS is built and continues its long course based upon the family values, and this is the kind of relationship we wish to have with our partners. For more than 45 years, we develop stable and trustful relationships with professionals all over Greece, offering them reliable products and up-to-date solutions. Get in touch with us to join our network of partners and become a member of SIK KIRIAKAKIS family.



Our relationship with the customers doesn’t stop to the purchase of a product. For us, the purchase is part of a bigger process which consists from the first contact and extends to the full technical support for every product we manufacture. In SIK KIRIAKAKIS, we commit to offer great agricultural equipment, this is why we continuously expand our technical support network with specialized partners, so that our customers will receive uninterrupted and complete services.



For the past 47 years, SIK KIRIAKAKIS is growing continuously, expanding our partners network and creating relationships of trust with professionals all over Greece, offering reliable agricultural equipment, suitable for their kind of work, making their lives and their work easier and more efficient. Contact us to learn more about the goals we have set for the future, our development plans and the investing opportunities on SIK KIRIAKAKIS.

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Need of a strong and trusted agricultural equipment company to partner with? SIK KIRIAKAKIS is the company you can trust, with years of experience in the  agricultural industry, we can fulfil your clients needs with machinery that works flawlessly and quality that stands above the today’s standards.

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