ESPA 2014-2020
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Technical Specifications


Brushless 12VDC-2.700rpm (POWER BRUSHLESS)

Speed regulator:

with fine adjustment

Electronic voltmeter


can work on 12VDC car battery or 13.5VDC rechargeable lithium battery with zero pollutants for environmental protection and fuel economy.


14m with fuse box and crocodiles

Carbon fiber pipez


2,30m and 2,80m.


We have a 1m long extension from carbon fiber


2.5Kg in length 2.30m for pleasant use


Introducing the SIK POWER BRUSHLESS 12 VDC, the lightest and most powerful electric harvesting rod with a very powerful motor (Brushless) on the controller and speed controller.

It is the first electric harvesting rod in the Greek market that has an electronic voltmeter in its motor for its smooth and safe operation.

It also has a carbon fiber tube and the successful SIK32 head with interchangeable sticks for very smooth labor with greater efficiency. It can work on a 12VDC car battery or a 13.5VDC rechargeable lithium battery with zero pollutants to protect the environment. The ergonomic WURTH backpack for the rechargeable lithium battery and its charger contributes to the easy and relaxed transport of the machine. This achieves a longer duration at work with better performance during the day.

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